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BiddyAve Buddies

Please note that BiddyAve Buddies is not part of Bidston Avenue Primary School.  

BiddyAve Buddies is a pre-school (for children younger than school age) and also provides a breakfast and after school club facility for children across our school. 

See all their information on their own webpages or check out availability at their Magic Booking site


BiddyAve Buddies have a pre-school taking pupils of 3-4 years of age, on our site, with up to 24 pupils in the morning and 24 in the afternoon. The pre-school opened in September 2002.  There are strong links with the pre-school as the committee is made up of school staff and governors.


Please contact 653 3291 for details or check out availability for break


They have their own arrangements and management - it is not part of the school.

*NB Admission to the pre-school in no way guarantees a place in the school as these are separate systems.