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'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' in Mandarin Christmas 2021

4M wish you a Merry Christmas in Mandarin.

Intent for our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum


We believe that learning a new language provides an opening to the world and other cultures. Our aim is learn through language-based learning, cultural awareness and life experience from language experts. The children have the unique opportunity to visit and experience life in China. Our aim is to experience the language, food, culture and customs. We host children from China every year and learn how to communicate through language and other personal skills. We enable children to deepen their understanding of the world, equip them to study or work abroad and provide them with a language to take into the workplace.

National Curriculum Programme of Study for Languages (foreign) - see the termly plans to see what your child is currently working on.

Y3&4 sing Jingle Bells in Mandarin

Our children learned how to sing Jingle Bells in Mandarin during our Foreign Language teaching.
Uploaded by Bidston Avenue Primary School on 2019-02-25.