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Free School Meals

It has been tough trying to sort out the logistics to support children who are entitled to a free school meal.


This week, FSM children will receive a voucher each via a company called Wonde Ltd.  This voucher will also cover free school meals until the end of the Easter two week holidays. 


After the holiday, the national scheme begins and this is organised by the Department for Education and will be delivered by Edenred.  The child will receive a weekly amount of £15 that can be used when purchasing your shopping in person/on line depending on the supermarket.


**Many parents have made late applications for FSM, so there may be a distruption in how this works for them.  It should have no bearing on them receiving funding from 20th April 2020 through the national scheme.

**This scheme is NOT for universal meals (the infant free meals scheme) it is only for free school meal qualifying children/families.