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Nursery Consultation 2020-21

Please find our latest consultation document attached below. 

We are consulting on a proposal to reduce the admission age of children from age 4 to age 3. 

The document provides more detail about our proposal and welcomes the views of all stakeholders.

Please forward your views to the email address provided in the document. 

The consultation period opened on Monday 5th October and lasts for 4 weeks.  Final views must be submitted by lunchtime on Monday 2nd November 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Will school still have admissions at age 4 into reception (F2)?

Yes, all families will need to apply for a place into main school from F2 until year 6. This is the case even if your child has a place in the proposed nursery and is the same as now for all Wirral schools with a nursery class. This has been the case for children who have attended BiddyAve Buddies.


2. Will the times change if it becomes a school nursery?


This is a possibility.  School will employ a teacher to run the nursery and this will improve standards, but it may mean that children who require a full day (8am to 5:45pm) will need to use the breakfast and after school clubs.


30 hour places will ensure a full school day timetable and parents who qualify for 15 hours can choose am or pm slots to attend.