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Who’s Who

Picture 1 Our children canoeing at Oaklands, North Wales.
Picture 2 Mr S.G. Brady, Headteacher since 2007.
Picture 3 School infant playground entrance.


Senior Leadership Team:

Mr. S.G. Brady                       Headteacher

Mrs K. Hackett                       Deputy Headteacher

Miss C. Scott                         Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Miss D. Jones                        Assistant Headteacher (Maternity)

Mrs P. Caldicott                      Leader of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Year 1

Mrs D. Illume                          Leader for Communication, Language & Literacy (Maternity)

Miss L. Mearns                       Leader for PE, Health & Well-being & Y2/3


Teaching Staff:

Mrs A. Brady                        Leading Practitioner (AST) in KS1

Mr M. Brooks                       Year 4 & Co-ordinator for Mobile/Online Learning

Mrs E. Birch                         Year 2 & Co-ordinator for Science

Mrs J. Cairns                       Year 3 & Co-ordinator for Gifted & Talented Children

Mrs D. Davies                      Year 1 Teacher & Co-ordinator for History

Mrs R. Gupta                       Year 4 Teacher & Co-ordinator for Geography

Miss L. Halstead                  Year 6 Teacher & Leader of Music

Mrs A. Joynson                    Year 2 & Co-ordinator for School Council

Miss L. Littlewood                Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K. Miller                         Year 3 & Co-ordinator for D&T

Mr T. Montgomery                Year 1 Teacher  & Co-ordinator for Art

Ms M. Ryan                          Year 5 & Co-ordinator for P.E.and After School Sport

Miss D. Taylor                       Year 6 & Co-ordinator for Maths & Maths Specialist Teacher (MaST)

Mrs J. Tucker                        Computing Specialist Teacher & Co-ordinator for Computing

Mrs K. Wilkes                        F2 & Co-ordinator for R.E.


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs A. Beattie (KS1)                Mrs M. Boden (KS2)              Mrs S. Burrell (Orrets Outreach)

Miss E. Condliff (KS2)              Miss N. Evans (F2)                Ms L Hughes (F2)              

Mrs A. Lewis (KS1)                  Mrs S. O'Loughlin (KS2)        Mrs J. Severn (KS2)

Mrs C. Taylor (KS2)                  Mr T. Ward (Sport & TA)        



Mrs S. Brooks                                   Parent Support Advisor 


Administrative Staff:

Mrs D. Welch                                    PA to the Head / Office Manager / Clerk to Governors

Mrs S. Meredith                                Business Manager      

Mrs C. Bell                                        Attendance & School Secretary

Mrs M. Halewood                              School Secretary


Support Staff:

Mr P. Bayley                                    Caretaker

Mr N. Price                                      Caretaker

Mrs W. Ellis                                     Cook

Mrs R. Simcock                               School Nurse

Mrs A. Holland & Mrs L. Fuzzard    Senior Midday Supervisors


Cleaners - Mr Price, Mrs Price, Mrs Holland, Mrs Fuzzard & Mrs Harley.

Midday Assistants - Miss Whitty, Ms McNiffe, Ms Galer, Mrs Birchall, Mrs Softley, Mrs Wallace, Mrs McDougall, Mrs Lynch & Miss C Murphy.