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School Award Winners 2014-15

Congratulations to the first of our children chosen to receive our school awards for 2014-15!

Stars of the Week 2014-15

Each week, we recognise those children who have shone, trying extra hard, having a great attitude, or for lots of other reasons. Here are our Stars from 2014-15, including children receiving merit certificates and sporting achievements.

Sports Day 2015

One of the highlights of our school calendar has to be Sports Day! Here are some of the highlights.

Year 4's London Visit 2015

Enjoy some of the highlights of Year 4's visit to London, in May 2015.

St George's Day at Bidston Avenue Primary School 2015

This is "St George's Day 2015 at Bidston Avenue Primary School".

Year 6 France Visit

This is "Year 6 France" by Year 6 Children (so excuse any typos!).