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Design & Technology

Why we teach it

‘We are born makers, we move what we learn from our heads to our hearts

through our hands’- Brene Brown


We believe that Design &Technology contributes to the school curriculum in many ways. It prepares young children to cope in a rapidly changing technological world and helps them to understand how to think and intervene creatively to improve that world. Our curriculum is designed to help them to become discriminating users of products, to contribute to their home life, community, and in due course, it broadens their understanding of industrial production, as they develop systems and make products, which enhance the quality of life.


How we teach it

We follow the PlanBee Design & Technology scheme and all units of work develop the skills and knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum. At the same time, we teach pupils about the impact their designs and the designs of others can have on the health, community and environment around us. D&T is integrated where appropriate into existing topics but is mostly taught as a discreet subject. 


How you can support your child with D&T

Creating and building at home can be a wonderful way to engage your child with Design and Technology. You can make use of recycling and other materials around the house. Click on the links below for some ideas.

D&T at Home


Primary STEM  

Skills and Knowledge Progression