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Welcome to our Eco-Schools webpage.  The eco-team was awarded our third Green Flag award in November 2019.


There are a number of eco-related projects going on at Bidston Avenue Primary school, including:

  • Planting our Hedgerow (1000 tress/plants growing around the school border to reduce vehicle emissions from Tollemache Road and Bidston Avenue) with the team from Mersey Forest and The Woodland Trust
  • Our solar panel installation scheme in association with Solar for Schools.



Our Solar Panel Scheme (as of 16th March 2021).


We have 101 solar panels installed on the flat roof areas of our school.  This makes a total generating amount of 37.37 KW.


Between July 2020 and the end of February 2021, we have saved 5 tonnes of CO2 from being generated and added to our atmosphere.


On top of being eco-friendly, our current solar power scheme will help us to save money over the next 25 years.  This could amount to approximately £75,000+, which goes back into our school budget.


From July 2020 to March 16th 2021, we have generated 12,764 kWh of electricity.  What we don't consume in school will be exported to the National Grid for someone else to use.


Check out this page to see how much electricity is being generated:


If you wish to add panels to your own school roof then contact Solar for Schools who can fund 100% of your panels or a percentage of your scheme. For more information go to:


Schools are happy joining Solar for Schools!

We have helped over 120 schools in the UK, Germany, and India go solar and empowered students to fight climate change. Join us so together we can shape a sus...