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Who’s Who


Senior Leadership Team:

Mr. S.G. Brady                       Headteacher

Mrs K. Hackett                       Deputy Headteacher

Miss L. Brookes                     Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N. O'Toole                       Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L. Thompson                   Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Inclusion Lead (SENDCo)


Teaching Team:

Mrs C. Boothman             Year 3 Teacher

Mrs A. Brady                     Reading Leader / RWI Phonics Coach - Leading Practitioner (AST)

Mrs E. Birch                      Year 1 and 2 Leader. Year 2 Teacher and Science Lead

Mr M. Brooks                    Year 6 Teacher. Computing & Online Learning Lead

Miss A. Butterworth          Year 1 Teacher. PSHE Lead

Mrs J. Cairns                    Year 1 Teacher. Gifted & Talented Children and Geography Lead

Mrs P. Caldicott                 Leader of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and F2 Teacher

Mrs D. Davies                   F2 Teacher. RE Lead

Mrs R. Gupta                    School Council and RRSA Lead

Mrs D. Illume                    Leader for Communication, Language & Literacy. Year 5 and 6 Leader. Year 6 Teacher

Mrs C. Jackson                 Nursery Teacher 

Mrs A. Joynson                 Year 3 Teacher. Geography Lead

Miss L. Mearns                 Year 3 and 4 Leader. Year 4 Teacher. Languages Lead

Mrs K. Miller                      Year 1 Teacher.  Design & Technology Lead

Miss E. Minshull.               Nursery Teacher (Fridays)

Mr T. Montgomery             Year 2 Teacher. Art Lead

Mrs L. Montgomery           Year 6 Teacher. Music Lead

Mr C. Noble                       Year 5 Teacher. PE Lead

Ms M. Ryan                       Year 5 Teacher. P.E/After School Sport Lead

Mrs M. Stewart                  Year 4 Teacher. History Lead


Teaching Assistants & Sports Coach:


Miss E. Minshull (F2)

Mrs A. Beattie (KS2)            

Mrs M. Boden (KS2 and Play Care Worker)              

Mrs S. Burrell (Intervention)

Miss M. Devlin (KS1)

Miss N. Evans (F2)

Miss S. Holland (TA for Nursery and Senior Play Care Worker)

Miss R. Landsborough (Nursery)       

Mrs S. O'Loughlin (KS1)    

Mrs S. Rhodes (Nursery)   

Mr A. Rooney (Sports Coach)

Mrs C. Taylor (KS2)     


School Business Team:

Mr A. Gibson                                  Business Manager

Mrs A. Roberts                               Business Support

Mrs L Fawcitt                                  Business Support


Support Team:

Mr N. Price                                      Premises & Site Manager

Miss K. Nolan                                  Play Care Worker

Mrs P. Patrick                                  School Librarian

Mr P. Redmond                               ESWO (attendance worker) in conjunction with Ridgeway High School

Ms G. Watkins                                Catering Supervisor (Edsential Catering) 

Mrs A. Holland                                Senior Midday Supervisor


Cleaners - Mrs A. Holland, Mrs P. Evans, Mrs L. Keeley, Mrs J. Hawthorne and Miss K. Clarke

Midday Assistants - Mrs A. Holland (Supervisor), Ms C. Galer, Ms S. Jones, Miss T. Dixon, Miss M. Devlin, Mrs P. Evans, Mrs K. Reynolds, Miss H. Davies, Miss A Turner, Mrs C Palmer & Mrs D Burns.