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Year 1

You have landed on the Year 1 home-working space.  This area will top up the work and activities that we placed in your paper-based work packs.

Week Beginning 18th May

English Activities for Week Beginning 18th May

Maths Activities for Week Beginning 18th May

English activities for Week Beginning 11th May

Maths activities for Week Beginning 11th May

English activities for Week Beginning 4th May

Maths activities for Week Beginning 4th May

Exciting Phonics News!

English activities Week Beginning 27th April

Maths activities Week Beginning 27th April

English activities Week Beginning 20th April


Below are links to support children with the skills and techniques involved with underarm and overarm throwing:

Below is a website that shares videos for the skills involved in throwing.  It also provides games and activities so that you can practise your throwing and aiming skills.


RE- How did our world begin? 

We will learn about how Christians believe the world began

Below is a link that shares the creation story through a lego creation:

Here is a PowerPoint that shows the Creation story and what God did on each day:

This is a song to help support your learning of the Creation story:

Be creative! Draw a picture of what God created on each day or use junk modelling to create a scene for each day. 





We will be learning about different types of materials and what materials different objects are made from. 

Below is a PowerPoint that tells you about different materials that there are:

Attached is a ‘House material hunt’ worksheet to complete where you can find objects in your house made from the materials listed. 




Andy Goldworthy is a British artist known for using natural materials to make sculptures. 

Below are videos about Andy Goldworthy and the sculptures he has made:

Go for a walk and collect objects from the natural environment that you could make a sculpture with, just like in the video below: 






In History we have been learning about famous explorers.  Below is information and a video about Christopher Columbus.   Learn about Christopher then complete the comparison sheet to compare him with Neil Armstrong.  Use the worksheet to draw a picture of each explorer then write what is similar and different about them.  You can use books, videos and the internet to research the explorers further. 





Log in to Purple Mash to try the Maths challenges that have been set for you.

Online Learning


Maths- Complete this week's challenge on number.

Reading- Complete this week's challenge about reading CVC words and plurals. 

Spelling Shed-

Keep practising spellings the Y1/2 key words. 

Oxford Owl-

Access hundreds over 100 free e-books. 

Follow the link and click on the pink button saying My Class Login

at the top of the screen. 

Username: bapsy1

Password: bidston

Phonics Play-

Access lots of interactive phonics games by using the following details to log in:  Username: march20

Password: home

Go to Children>Games> Now choose from phases 3, 4 and 5 (your child should know which level they are working on).

Centre ID: 152574

Cracking Comprehension-

As part of your home learning activities, we might include some Cracking Comprehensions to complete. 

To log in, use your username and password for TTRockStars and the centre ID 152574.