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New Art Scheme - Drawing Unit

Why do we teach it?


“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse


Art stimulates imagination and creativity. It enables all of us to communicate in ways that words alone simply cannot do. Art provides us with both a universal language of colour, texture, form and pattern, and with limitless opportunities to combine these in new ways.


The children are inspired by the work of famous artists as well being given the opportunities to work with external artists on projects, leading to final exhibitions in local galleries and building on community links.  We develop thinking by making links with Art to other areas of the curriculum and the world around us.


How do we teach it?

At Bidston Avenue we use ‘AccessArt’ programme which consists of 36 pathways for Years 1 to 6, designed to inspire and enable high quality visual arts teaching and learning in primary schools.

Designed around the idea that art is far more than a series of technical skills, our holistic curriculum nurtures creative thinking skills and helps ensure your pupils learn through art, as well as about art.


How can you support Art and Design

Below are some links to support your child through art.

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