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Reading - Class Reading Spine

Intent of our English Curriculum


Our English lessons develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, and writing.  We teach our pupils to speak clearly, to convey their ideas fluently and confidently and to ask questions to deepen their understanding.  A range of collaborative structures are used throughout the school to be able to do this successfully. Their vocabulary is developed systematically.


Our pupils are encouraged to read for pleasure, read for betterment and to read widely. Comprehension and Phonics skills are taught explicitly and applied to be able to to access the wider curriculum.  Please see Reading & Phonics page for specific information.


Years 2 to 6 have Steps to Read when specific reading objectives are taught, modelled and applied throughout the week.  Please see the Reading & Phonics page for specific information on this.


We develop writing skills, so that pupils have the stamina and ability to write at the age expected standard.  To support children moving towards independent writing, we provide a wide range of activities.  This includes the use of educational trips, film, imagery, high quality texts, modelled, shared and guided writing, peer editing and discussion. 


We provide opportunities for writing for purpose and we encourage pupils to see themselves as authors.  We encourage pupil’s work to be published and read by different audiences. We have high expectations of handwriting, which is taught discretely and incorporated in to English/RWI lessons.


A range of activities are used to promote literacy within the school including World Book Day, Roald Dahl Day, Reading Extravaganzas and author visits.

Please click on the link below to access school information about Reading & Phonics, which is stored elsewhere on this website.

National Curriculum Programme of Study for English - see the termly plans to see what your child is currently working on.