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Our Curriculum


Bidston Avenue Primary School will engage, inspire, challenge and support every child to achieve their best through the pursuit of a world class curriculum.


Our school will be a place where every child leaves as a reader, a thinker, and has the resilience to be prepared for the responsibilities and experiences of tomorrow's world.


We know that:

•Reading ability is the best predictor of future educational achievement and life success 

•The modern world requires more thinking and problem solving abilities than ever before and those who are equipped with these skills will succeed 

•Children who are resilient flourish in all environments

2022-23 Stars of the Week

Congratulations to this year's Stars of the Week and those who achieved bronze and silver merit certificates. We also love sharing our children's achievements from outside school too! 00:00 Stars of the Week 06:02 Bronze Merit Certificates 07:02 Silver Merit Certificates 07:26 Sports Star Awards 08:14 Other Achievements and Awards