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Phonics at Bidston Avenue Primary School

(**please note that this page is under review due to a change in phonics scheme during September 2021.)


At Bidston Avenue Primary School, we teach a high quality, daily, discrete phonics session from Reception to Year 2. Primarily, we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme and we integrate aspects of the 'Jolly Phonics' scheme to make the learning multi-sensory and to provide consistency throughout the year groups.


The children are assessed half termly to track their progress and ensure that good progress is being made through the 'phases'.


We provide workshops to support parents and provide them with information and activities to help their child at home.


Year one children are formally assessed by an unseen government test and results are reported to parents. It is a decoding test using 'real and non-real' words.

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Reading at Bidston Avenue Primary School


Learning to read is complex yet essential for all our children's life chances. Reading relies on us learning many different cues such as:

  • structure - how sentences are formed, grammar & syntax;
  • meaning - it relies on us having an understanding of the world around us to make meaning (semantic cues);
  • Pictorial - we need to know about illustrations, graphs, pictures, captions and headings (bibliographic cues) and 
  • graphophonic cues - those supplied by spelling and presentation of words, which interact with knowledge of words and phonic analysis.


At Bidston Avenue Primary School, we teach a daily reading workshop from years 1 to 6.  This is an opportunity for high quality guided reading to take place.  Children are also able to apply learned skills in a variety of activities.


Children read in as many situations as possible, not just in reading lessons. Reading takes place in all lessons.


Children read individually to their teacher during ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class) time. This happens daily and when children are not reading on a 1-to-1 they are encouraged to read widely for pleasure and purpose.


Reading Schemes


We use a variety of reading scheme texts to ensure children learn and apply a range of reading strategies. We endeavour to purchase/provide books/texts that engage boys and girls and their interests e.g. StarWars, Dr. Who, Lego Friends and so on..


Many of our books are available for children and families to read online - at the child's level and they can be assessed too.


Our book organisation system includes a coloured band & number which correspond to reading levels. Each level has carefully chosen words, phrases, phonics, and comprehension.


Parents are encouraged to hear their child read at least three times per week as a minimum and return their reading bag and log to school.  OUR BEST READERS - STRIVE FOR FIVE times per week.