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Intent of our Science Curriculum


We encourage the pupils to be curious and ask questions about natural phenomena and to be excited by the process of understanding about the world around them.  Knowledge and scientific vocabulary is built upon throughout our school.  Pupils are taught to work scientifically to carry out fair tests and experiments using equipment to gather, record and where appropriate, analyse data.  Throughout their life in school, the pupils will learn about Seasonal Change, Animals including Humans, Materials, Plants, Living Things and their Habitats, Light, Forces and Magnets, Rocks, Sound, Electricity, Earth and Space and Evolution and Inheritance.  Links are made to enhance learning. We have good links with local schools where the pupils go to visit Science departments and Staff from local Secondary schools come to our school to teach our pupils and advise our staff with lessons and content. We value work with local industries.  Visits by specialists in Industry e.g  Eureka Merseyside and Arup Liverpool have allowed the pupils first hand experience of how Science can be used in their future occupations and careers and every opportunity is made  to develop and embed this to secure their thirst and life long learning through Science.

National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science - see the termly plans to see what your child is currently working on.

Long Term Plan for Science