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Why we teach it

‘We are not makers of History. We are made by History’ Martin Luther King, Jr.


This quote epitomises our belief that the study of History inspires children’s curiosity, encourages them to ask critical questions and enables them to have a better understanding of the society in which they live and that of the wider world. History helps pupils to understand the process of change and to gain a sense of their own identity within a social, political, cultural and economic background.


By learning History, our pupils will develop their ability to think critically, evaluate evidence, and ask questions – all essential to being an excellent Historian.


How we teach it

At Bidston Avenue we use ‘Switched on History’ scheme to deliver the required national curriculum objectives for the subject. It is taught in half termly in every year group throughout the school.


The subject is taught discretely as well as incorporated within other curriculum subjects such as Literacy and Art.  A high emphasis is placed on chronology so that children understand their place in time. We aim to create a supportive and collaborative ethos for learning by providing investigative and enquiry-based learning opportunities as well as invaluable trips to local places of interest to support our studies and enhance our learning journey and experiences.


How you can support your child in History?

There many ways to support your child’s enjoyment of our rich history.  Having conversation about your own family history is just one simple way.  But there are many books, TV programmes, apps and days out that can enrich their experience. 

Here are a few examples:

Horrible Histories

BBC Bitesize

Back in Time App  

Scholastic Books  

Historical Days Out for the Family   

Skills and Knowledge Progression