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Office 365


All children at Bidston Avenue are able to access Microsoft's Office 365 (which includes web-based versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel).  They are also able to use OneDrive and save any work they create using Office 365 in the cloud.


Getting Started

Visit and click Sign in. 


To sign in, children should use the username they log on to the computers in school with but add to the end.  Their password is also the same as the one they use to log in to the school computers with.


For example: 

Jo Bloggs in Y2 (in the 2018 cohort, as this is the year that this group of children started their time at Bidston Avenue), would have the username 18bloggsj.

This is made up of a child's cohort + their surname + the initial of their first name. 


Children from Y2 onwards should be familiar with their school computer username and password. 


For children in FS2 & Y1, children's usernames can be found at the top of the card containing their login details to Sumdog, TTRockStars, Bug Club etc.  Your child's teacher will be able to let you know the password to be used for