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TeachMeet Wirral

Wirral's first ever TeachMeet took place at Bidston Avenue, in June 2013.  Almost one hundred teachers, teaching assistants, advisors, governors and other colleagues, from across the North West, came to share best practice and ideas with one another.


There were presentations on SOLO Taxonomy, using iPads in the classroom, blogging within school, 'all singing all dancing governors', to name but a few.  Each presenter shared some great ideas or 'top tips' to develop learning and teaching in schools.


As a result of TeachMeet Wirral, we created a Twitter account and website as a place to share details of CPD events taking place across Wirral and the north west.   These allowed us to interact with local educators and organise further events to meet their needs, for example, using iPads in the classroom, an introduction to the computing curriculum, etc.


Further TeachMeets have also been organised by Hilbre High School Humanities College and Bebington High Sports College.