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It has been great to see children getting online and accessing our remote learning.  Our remote learning sessions/activities are provided to help educate children who are not able to be in the classroom with their teacher.  

Every single one of our teachers are in the classroom currently, so we are doing our best to provide as many recorded teaching sessions as we can via Oak Academy. 


Through remote learning, our aim is to make sure that every child continues their education during lockdown, even if they, or their teacher, cannot attend school.


We are providing this through different means:

  1. Seesaw - activities will be provided daily, so that children can learn the same or roughly similar skills, knowledge and understanding to children in the classroom.
  2. Oak Academy - We use the Oak Academy content  (online lessons and structure funded by the UK Govt) to form the spine of our online curriculum or to top our own up.
  3. Tapestry - we use Tapestry to support our Foundation Stage 2 children and families.  Activities are included for children to do at home and it is topped up by recorded sessions from school or the Oak Academy.
  4. Our many purchased online learning packages - our children are lucky to have access to so many online learning packages. Sumdog, Bug Club Reading Scheme, Ed Shed, TT RockStars, Purple Mash and so on.  These online packages top up the more formal elements to our online curriculum.  Many of them test your child first to know how good their skills are before leading them through questions to ensure your child knows what to do.
  5. School Website - our teachers added so much content to our website during the last lockdown.  There are plenty of activities to download and use if your child happens to need more work.


What if I struggle with the internet at home?


We can help you to access more data from your mobile network (see Mr Brady's email about it) or we can provide you with a Vodafone 30Gb monthly sim card (limited number available and one per family).


I don't have a device to use at home.


Again, we can help.  We can provide a paper-based pack of work (many of you still have the last ones).  Contact the school office to find out how we can help.


What will remote learning involve?

Visit our Guide to Home Learning page to find out more.